There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence

I don't believe in all...not one little bit.

I believe in a Heavenly Father that loves and knows us. He doesn't micro-manage us and the sometimes seemingly "small" aspects of our lives.

But because I know all things are present to the Lord, I believe the very threads that make up each of our lives, don't happen by chance and you don't just HAPPEN to end up with a picture at the end.

I love thinking of Heavenly Father as the Master Weaver - putting into place all the threads we need to become the very best we can become. To be changed into something even more divine. We came to this earth with divinity in each of us as we are spirit children of our Heavenly Father, but to become perfected required a mortal body and this mortal experience.

He knows each of us intimately and knows EXACTLY the things we need to become the best we can - both the happy moments but the sad and heartbreaking.

This is one of my all time favorite songs that illustrates this perfectly.

And it is amazing when you are able to see a thread placed so masterfully in your life that you couldn't see it until afterwards but then suddenly it was SO clear.

Earlier this week I had an experience that showed this so clearly to me. I had made a decision to proceed a certain direction in an interaction with someone. I had decided I was going to state that I was going to go the direction I usually had previously in similar type of interactions. But then some things happened in a certain way that changed that interaction I had all planned out in my mind. The outside circumstances and situations, exactly as they happened, influenced and changed this other interaction.

Perhaps by chance? I don't believe in coincidence.

Because then today I had realized the entire interaction with this person hadn't been "typical" in a number of ways. The funny thing is I had been slightly annoyed by it NOT working as I would have wanted or expected. BUT that had been for the better. Things are working out differently in such a way that I think something that hadn't been possible before or allowed to develop because of circumstances might now happen.

Sometimes it blows my finite mind, since we cannot see the entire picture right now, even if we think we can, how the Lord is intricately placing the threads in our lives that will create a masterpiece of us all.

Of course we can reject the threads - I don't believe in fatalism - in fact we all do at one time or another. Yet because the Lord is omniscient, when we do reject them, its not like, "Oh crap NOW the picture is totally going to be messed up!!"

He knows 

He knows what is best. He knows us. He knows what we can become.

There is no such thing as coincidence because the Lord knows all and He loves us all, more than we can comprehend. My life matters to Him. His entire work and glory is to bring to pass my immortality and eternal life. And yours and the person down the street and my neighbor and the people I don't know living halfway across the world. All of them.

He is the Master Weaver.
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