Happiness isn't supposed to creep

Life has felt pretty tough for too long - unmet expectations, plans that don't work out how you plan, uncertainty in too many aspects of life, a forced change of dreams, etc. So I've thought alot lately about happiness and while I've always had the mindset that happiness is what you make of it rather than the circumstances you are in. But as many of you can attest to if this is also a mindset you strive for, it is MUCH easier said than done :)

But a few weeks ago, I got a new calling since I moved and am in a different ward. And while I don't normally share what was said in the setting apart, he said something that I was a little surprised by but have thought alot about it and wanted to share. He said that I would be blessed with an abundance of happiness - so not just that I would be happy or find happiness but and ABUNDANCE of happiness. In my book that is ALOT of happiness.

Given that life has felt tough for so long, though, and abundance of happiness seemed a little far-fetched. So I've been waiting, looking, watching, seeking that abundance of happiness. But in the weeks that have passed that abundance hasn't seemed any closer than the moon.

However, I was just sitting at work this morning, tired because this week has been crazy and yesterday was non-stop and I suddenly realized happiness had somehow crept up on me and I haven't even realized it. And as I analyzed it (because everything deserves a good analysis) I realized I'm excited for what life has ahead even though for some of the biggest things in my life I have no idea what they are but I'm excited for the challenges and the different things I've become involved in. And I just wanted to share a few things that have contributed to my abundance :)

* The miracle and power of the Atonement. I recently read Elder Bednar's talk again that was in April's Ensign that he gave at a devotional awhile ago about the enabling power of the Atonement and it has been such an inspiration in making the power of the Atonement more real in my everyday life. If you haven't read it, go read it now!

* Those people in your life that just always provide support and encouragement when you need it. Who are always willing to provide a listening ear.

* Laughter - especially shared laughter. There is nothing quite so cathartic as laughing together with others. I went to a luncheon yesterday with women from the shelter agency I work with and the entire hour or so I was there we talked and laughed and I cannot tell you how much better that makes any day.

* New people in your life that you are getting to know who are amazing and accepting and help you to feel apart of something and who inspire you to want to be a better person.

So I would not have expected happiness to be creepy :P Or to creep up on me but somehow it has and an abundance of happiness really is amazing and can be found and enjoyed even in the rough times!
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Fun and Other Things

I know I need to get my next post done for my "life history" but I'm going to take a quick commercial break because I know how much we all LOVE commercials:) Hopefully, this "commercial" will be on the same level as those great Super Bowl ads rather than the duds.

First some fun things I've done lately -

#1 - Went to the Tulip Festival on Saturday. I've never been to the festival and even though it was rainy and a little cold and windy at times it was alot of fun and the gardens at Thanksgiving Point really are beautiful. Tulips with pointy ends are probably my favorite type to look at -

However, I couldn't get over the weirdest type of tulips they had (I had to look them up to know what type of tulip they are). These "beauties" are called parrot tulips -

So weird but fascinating at the same time. In addition to being able to walk around the beautiful gardens, a friend was performing as part of the festival so I got to hear her play. She is amazing so you should check out her stuff by clicking here - And it was great because the rain and wind stopped and held off for the entire time she played. All in all, it ended up being a great way to spend a couple hours of my Saturday!
#2 - Also on Saturday, I finally went and saw the Hunger Games. I've read all the books but I have been waiting until the craze died down before I went to see it. I was very pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed it and felt they did a good job adapting the book to the movie. There were some funny parts, tense parts, heart wrenching parts, and a couple where I couldn't look at the screen. But it kept me glued and I was totally engrossed so I'm looking forward to the next one, unlike a certain other series that went from bad to worse.

#3 - For those of you who know me, you may or may not realize that one thing I've never been into is crafts. I don't consider myself very "crafty" or creative. Lately though for some reason I've had a greater desire to do something crafty. However, knowing my limitations I tried to find crafts that I felt I could do and actually have them turn out. So for two Saturdays, a couple of my sisters, and sister-in-laws worked on some Easter crafts. Here is what we did (sadly I don't have pictures yet of the actual ones we did but here is an idea) -

Both turned out better than expected, at least for me so I was very pleasantly surprised and a little bit more willing to do crafts in the future.

And lastly,somethingI just don't understand. If you understand this, let me know

 One-ply toilet paper. I DO NOT understand the use of one-ply toilet paper. I know most business, schools, etc use this stuff but I don't see how it saves money given the fact you have to use at least DOUBLE the amount for it to even serve it's purpose. Someone needs to do a study and see if it really is more cost effective because I don't see how it could be.

Well folks, that has been my fun for the last few weeks. Hopefully you enjoyed this little break :P
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